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Additional Rentals

We offer a large range of additional rentals to help make events even more special for everyone who host an event at our beautiful venue. 

Additional Rentals are considered contracted upon payment and will not be refundable. Please do not book your additional services until you are certain of your choices, as they are not refundable due to material orders or contracted labor fees that are often paid prior to your event. Materials for some items must be ordered well in advance of your event and therefore are paid for well in advance and cannot be refunded. 

No guarantees are made as to the availability of any Additional Rentals until they are contracted and paid for. We will be happy to add any Additional Rentals as listed, prior to an event, as long as we have enough notification. All Additional Rentals are subject to price changes until they are contracted and paid for. All contracted Additional Rentals are due 30 days prior to the event unless they are added within the thirty days prior to the event. Then they are due as they are added and arranged for. 

The Universal Suite

Our beautiful Universal Suite can be transformed to you liking. This suite is great for Bridal Parties, Small Business Meetings, or Lounge Area during events.

Please contact us for pricing!

The Catering House

Our Catering House is great for all events needing an equipted  kitchen from buffet tables, fridge, ice machine, tv, and rolling bar. This Catering House is the perfect addition to any event.

Please contact us for pricing!


We offer in house linen options that are custom to our tables from inside the Catering House to the outside seating. We offer a variety of Black, White, and Cream which can make any event extraordinary.

Please contact us for pricing!

Wicker Chairs

Our Wicker Chairs are a great addition for your wedding ceremony. With the rustic appearance our Garden Area hold these chairs bring the experience to a new level.

Please contact us for pricing!


We love the Winter here but we also love to keep you warm. We have large heater to do just the trick. Dont let the weather stop you from having your dream event.

Please contact us for pricing!

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